March 2018 | “City Living” placed second in the Pandora’s Collective Poetry Contest

March 2017 | “Odysseus” is the Vallum Poem Of the Week

Spring 2016 |  Laudate Singers & Couloir premiere Chris Sivak’s piece “Where the Moon Goes” based on my poem “A childish fear”

Spring 2015 | “Odysseus” in Vallum 12.1 “Surrender”

Summer 2013 | “Heptade” in inkscrawl 6 “Journeys”

Fall 2012 | “The Boat-Girl” as part of Leaf Press’s “Monday’s Poem” series

Winter 2012 | “The Food of Love” placed third in the Pandora’s Collective “Hibernating with Words” poetry contest, February 2012

Spring 2011 | “A Verse Gospel” in Front “Open Theme” issue, March-May 2011

Summer 2010 | “The Birthday Present” in Room 33.2 “Travel Till You Stumble”